The Masters Group (Leicester) Ltd is a company registered in the UK (Company registration No. 05378357) It operates an vehicle inspection and appraisal company T/as Car Buyers Eyes referred to in these Terms and Conditions as CBE.

The overall purpose of the inspection carried out by CBE is to ascertain that the vehicle matches a visual or verbal description or matches a description referred to in an advertisement or a previous appraisal.

The agreement to carry out the vehicle Inspection and the content of the appraisal are personal to you and CBE and cannot be used, relied upon nor transferred to anyone else without our advance written consent. CBE accept no liability to any third party.
The content of the appraisal will remain the property of the company or individual who purchases our CBE services and The Masters Group (Leicester) Ltd T/as Car Buyers Eyes.

The full content of the vehicle appraisal can be viewed on this website by viewing the “Inspection Detail” section. The appraisal is carried out by a person that has been trained by CBE to appraise a vehicles condition but cannot be relied upon. CBE will not be held responsible for any lack of mechanical, physical or visual defect in any part of the vehicle or the report, present or not at the time of inspection and the report does not constitute a guarantee or warranty of the vehicles condition nor is it a guarantee or warranty against defects arising in the future.

Our appraisal (operated by CBE) will cover the car’s tyres and wheels but not the under body of the vehicle. In addition the car will be taken on a road test. Our appraisal will also include an inspection of the body work and interior seats and panels, however we cannot guarantee that the vehicles panels have ever been replaced or repaired but we will endeavour to spot paint imperfections.

CBE will inspect items listed on the report viewable in the “Inspection Detail” section of this website except for those items that are not reasonably accessible and we cannot guarantee that any of the components are original components or replacement components, which have been manufactured by the cars manufacturer
Any concerns or imperfections will be noted by the appraiser and discussed during the period of consultation with the purchaser via telephone or skype.

Road testing is carried out within the immediate area available but will exceed 1 mile of where the vehicle is positioned

If due to circumstances outside of our reasonable control, the car is deemed to be of an un-roadworthy condition, for example, the car’s brakes and/or tyres are worn or inadequate, a road test will not be carried out at the time of inspection and you will be notified of this during the consultation. Road testing is limited to speed limits in force in the area of testing. 4WD systems are not tested as part of the road test. Any abnormalities found on the road test will be discussed with the purchaser during the consultation.
CBE is unable to clarify if there are any outstanding recall notices that have been issued and you are recommended to check with the car’s manufacturer that it has not been subject to a recall notice. The appraisal can only describe and/or identify defects actually found and/or which are reasonably capable of being found upon external and internal visual consideration of the car at the time of the appraisal. We cannot be held and are not responsible for any defects which are later discovered. We cannot advise of defects if we cannot see them or if they are not apparent during the vehicle appraisal. The vehicle appraisal does not check for the addition of additives to engine oil, transmission, differentials or cooling systems to mask leaks or mechanical defects.

CBE and the report cannot be relied upon to report on the vehicles finance status and does not make any representation as to the accuracy of the vehicles service history or its status in regard to it being previously damaged or repaired. CBE would urge you to use outside agencies who provide services to the motor trade and consumers and are authorised to report on the following areas of a vehicles history and status.

  • Outstanding Finance Register
  • Vehicle Condition Alert
  • Condition Inspected Register
  • Stolen Vehicle Register
  • Vehicle Identity Check

Photographic detail in the report will include:

  • The V5 Registration Document
  • Service History and Service Bills.
  • The Vehicles Mileometer
  • The Instrument Binnacle With Key In Position 1
  • The vehicles Tax Disc if Present
  • The Underside of the Vehicles Oil Filler Cap

We also check the following, but please go to the Inspection Detail tab to see view the full report

  • Every external panel
  • Every internal Panel
  • Internal Carpets
  • All Tyres (including spare)
  • All Wheels (including spare)
  • The Clutch Operation
  • All Gears Select Correctly
  • All Switches and Dials
  • The Air Conditioning Blows Cold
  • Sat Nav operating correctly