Why waste valuable time and money travelling to see cars you may, or may not buy?

Make sure You are Fully Informed Next time you make a Potential Car Purchase!

Our experienced uniformed appraisers with photo ID’s, trade plates and fully comprehensive insurance can drive any vehicle up to the value of £150,000 and will attend a prior appointment at the address of where the car is located that a buyer is interested in purchasing.

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“We have used this service for the past 5 years with PRO-Driver’s Appraisers and have successfully purchased, and had delivered, over 5,000 cars in that time and would recommend their new ‘Car Buyer’s Eye’s Services to anyone. The fit with our cash for cars business is great, obviously the time consuming side is looking at the potential car purchases and to have an expert team of appraisers on hand is simply brilliant for us.” Max Nicholson, Sales Director www.bestcarbuyer.co.uk


“Thank you for saving me not only money but also my pride, your assessor was spot on, the best value service when considering a car purchase from phone call to delivery. Thank you.” Mrs Munroe, Falkirk

Delivered Service

in conjunction with PRO-Driver

£165 incl VAT and Free Delivery*

*up to 40 miles subject to Post Code & Terms and conditions

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Transported Service

in conjunction with PRO-Driver

£299 inc. VAT and Free Delivery*

*up to 100 miles subject to Post Code & Terms and conditions

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This Service is provided by PRO-Driver 

PRO-Driver has over 14 years of experience in this Industry, currently appraising, and Delivering around 1000 cars per week nationwide for a mix of the:

  • Motor trade

  • General public

  • Specialised clients

PRO-Driver are market leaders in their technology, training and service Levels.